A Fine Mess

ReIax, reIax. I'II handIe this.
WeII. Good morning.
HeIIo. Mr. PoweII?
No, but won't you come in, pIease?
I thought I heard a woman's voice.
WeII, I intended to buy this piano
at the auction...

...but this crazy racehorse got onto the
freeway, and I was heId up in traffic.

-You're kidding.

-Are you Miss Pazzo?

And I wiII give you 1 1 ,000 for it.
I think 1 000 doIIars
is a reasonabIe profit.

-What do you say, Mr. PoweII?


-Cash. Cash.

WeII, normaIIy that wouId be
a very attractive offer...

...but we've Iooked for a piano
Iike this for six years now.

Haven't we, Dennis? Haven't we?
-TweIve thousand.
-TweIve. WeII, now....


Now, we can't forget about that cIient
in Munich who offered us 1 5.

I'm sorry. That's too much for me.
WeII, now, that 1 5,000
incIuded shipping.

-And shipping can be very expensive.
-At Ieast $2000.

-StiII too much.
-Sometimes it's $3000.

Changed my mind.
Good day, gentIemen.

-Are you sure--?
-Do something.

I wiII. I wiII.
Miss Pazzo, we taIked it over.
-Eight thousand.
-Eight? But we paid 1 0.

AII right. Wait a minute.

-That's incIuding deIivery.

I guess that's better than nothing, huh?
Where's the cash?