A Fine Mess

Haven't we, Dennis? Haven't we?
-TweIve thousand.
-TweIve. WeII, now....


Now, we can't forget about that cIient
in Munich who offered us 1 5.

I'm sorry. That's too much for me.
WeII, now, that 1 5,000
incIuded shipping.

-And shipping can be very expensive.
-At Ieast $2000.

-StiII too much.
-Sometimes it's $3000.

Changed my mind.
Good day, gentIemen.

-Are you sure--?
-Do something.

I wiII. I wiII.
Miss Pazzo, we taIked it over.
-Eight thousand.
-Eight? But we paid 1 0.

AII right. Wait a minute.

-That's incIuding deIivery.

I guess that's better than nothing, huh?
Where's the cash?


That's the best I couId do, Dennis.
Spence, we're fIat-ass broke.
How we gonna get it deIivered?

We'II be aII right.
My brother-in-Iaw's got a truck.

Stupid me.
I'm onIy gonna need it
for a coupIe hours.

That's aII right.
Use it as Iong as you want.

-Hey, sis.
-You might have to put gas in it.

And I'II onIy charge you
50 cents a miIe.

-I figure every miIe you put on her...

...she's gonna depreciate
at Ieast that much.

Come on, PhiI,
this is your brother-in-Iaw.

Yeah. Yeah, you're right.
You are famiIy.

-You shouId charge him 30 cents.

Let's just tie it on top of the Caddy.
No, I got a better idea, Dennis.
PhiI, you Iike my CadiIIac out there?

What, the one with the no doors
and the bashed-in griIIe?


WeII, because you're famiIy,
teII you what I'm gonna do.

This is ridicuIous.
This is a CadiIIac without doors.

So what? It's a CadiIIac.