A Fine Mess

How much
can a coupIe of doors cost?

-There you are.
-Thank you.

And he traded you even? This CadiIIac
for that broken-down truck?

-WeII, not even.
-Oh, I thought so.

The truck and how much?
Twenty bucks for gas.
You got screwed, PhiI.
-Why? How you figure?
-I don't know, but I know Spence.

And you can take my word for it,
you got screwed.

-Makeup mirror.
-I Iove the smeII.

-Love the smeII.
-New-car smeII.

-Hey! Is this your car?

-Oh, yeah.
-Shut up.

-HoId on.

-Where did you get it?

-Shut up.

HoId on! Now, back off! One at a time.
And I'm gonna ask the questions.

-Sorry, officer.
-Is this your car?

-Oh, yeah.

I warned you!
Give me that tongue. I'm gonna get that
tongue, and I'm gonna puII it out...

...and I'm gonna fry it,
I'm gonna turn it into a quirt...

...and seII it to a jockey I know.
-Miss Pazzo?

-Hi. Spence Holden.

Say, wouId it be convenient to deIiver
a piano to you 9:00 tomorrow morning?

Yeah, that wouId be fine.
I'II teII Covington, the houseman,
to expect you.

-Won't you be there?

Well, I was kind of hoping
to see you again.

-Miss Pazzo?
-It's CIaudia.

Did I say something wrong, Claudia?
-Where are you?
-I'm at home.

And where's your friend
with the high voice?

-He's out.
-I'II be right over.