A Fine Mess

-Sorry, officer.
-Is this your car?

-Oh, yeah.

I warned you!
Give me that tongue. I'm gonna get that
tongue, and I'm gonna puII it out...

...and I'm gonna fry it,
I'm gonna turn it into a quirt...

...and seII it to a jockey I know.
-Miss Pazzo?

-Hi. Spence Holden.

Say, wouId it be convenient to deIiver
a piano to you 9:00 tomorrow morning?

Yeah, that wouId be fine.
I'II teII Covington, the houseman,
to expect you.

-Won't you be there?

Well, I was kind of hoping
to see you again.

-Miss Pazzo?
-It's CIaudia.

Did I say something wrong, Claudia?
-Where are you?
-I'm at home.

And where's your friend
with the high voice?

-He's out.
-I'II be right over.

Wait a second.
Why, did I say something wrong,

No. No, you just don't know
my address.

I thought that you Iived
with Mr. PoweII.

1 1 33 Fountain Avenue,
apartment 1 4.

And I'm not gay, but pIease,
don't take my word for it.

Twenty minutes.
Oh, God. I Iove it.
I tried to get Spence to go to
the poIice. He says if we do...

...the Mob wiII put some sort
of contract out on us.

By the way, if you've never had
Indian food before, it can be very hot.

You know,
I forgot to mention to you....

You know the Iady you bought--?
Who bought the piano from you?

-Miss Pazzo?

A IittIe bread might heIp.
WeII, I know I've seen her
somewhere before...

...in a newspaper or magazine
or something.

And whatever it was,
it was important.