Do ma daan

Hurry up...
one by one... follow the hero!

Don't go wrong, hurry...
Oh, it's you?
Dad, Kid Hung had a cold.
I take his place...
Damn you!
Want them to know
we've got a dame in the repertory?

I'll lose face?
Go and wash your face.
You always dream to be on stage,
what can you act?

If you want to perform,
reincarnate as a man!

The luggage and
the medical kit are back.

Go and wash your face
then wrap them up.

Keep on fighting...
There's nothing special
to see a woman plays a female role.

Only you want.
Mr. Liu, did you have your meal?
Keep working.
Boss, the Ticketing Officer's here.
Commissioner, please!
Mr. Tun, did you see any guerrilla?
How can I dare to have?
Have some tea...

then bring it over.
Yes, Captain!
When did the repertory arrive?
Just arrived yesterday.
Go and search the back stage.
Peking Duck!
in three different dishes
or the whole duck.

So troublesome! Let me have it rare.
Are you Comrade?
You are Comrade Sung.
The man that you want
to see is standing behind me.

We have to find a more suitable place.
I think here is more suitable.
There's no one.