Flight of the Navigator

Let me out of here!
David! David!
48 hours is not gonna be enough time,
(RALF) Pardon me. Coming through.
Hi, there,
Hi, Carolyn,
So, how's the testing going?
Terrible, But at least
I get to go home tomorrow,

They told you that
you're going home tomorrow?

That's right, Why?
- Nothing,
- Carolyn,,,

It's just I've seen the meal sheet for the
coming week and they've got you on it,

- Until when?
- All week,

But that's impossible!
They promised it would
only be 48 hours!

You guys hear me in there?
I want out of here right now!

You think I don't watch television?
Wake up!

Hey, Now, come on,
it's not as bad as it seems,

How would you know? You've never
been locked away from your family

and been put in some awful place you

Yes, every time my father got new orders,
I had to go and I had to start all over again,

Maybe you're right,
(whispering) Carolyn,
I've got to get outta here,

- David,,,
- Contact my parents,

Tell them what's going on,
They're in Information,

- Hey, what's he doing?
- Go see them for me,

Well, I gotta get back to work, OK?
You know,,,
you're cute,