Manon des sources

It was. We all knew there was a spring
at Romarins but no-one said anything.

- So why didn't you tell him?
- Because of Amelie.

- Shall we eat?
- Let's.

I used to go hunting over there and see
that poor hunchback dowsing for water.

Once, he was right above it
but the rod didn't move.

Later, I saw him digging in the wrong
place and it kept on bothering me.

I told Amelie
and she flew into such a rage.

It was none of our business.
Hunchbacks are bad luck.

He was an outsider,
from Crespin, etc, etc.

You know what she's like.
She made me swear to say nothing.
- So you didn't?
- No.

- Ugolin and Papet were real bastards.
- On that score, we were all bastards.