Manon des sources

But God knows that your piety
is due to your spring

and that your prayers are merely
pleas for your beans,

orisons for your tomatoes,
hallelujahs for your potatoes,

and hosannas for your marrows!
Now, I must speak seriously
about the spring.

I keep asking myself the question:
Why has this water, once so plentiful,
suddenly dried up in our hour of need?

I once read in a Greek tragedy,
a profane work of literature,

that Thebes was struck
by a calamitous plague

because its king
had committed some crimes.

And so I ask myself:
Is there a criminal among us?
It's quite possible,
since many wicked crimes
escape the justice of men,

but the Good Lord knows all about them!
So, if this criminal does exist,
let me now appeal to him.

Let me say to him:
My brother,
there's no sin that cannot be forgiven,
no crime that can't be atoned for
by the most sincere repentance.

According to Jesus Christ himself,
there will always be room in heaven
for a repentant sinner.

So, whatever your offence,
try to redeem yourself.

Repent and you shall be saved!
And our spring will flow again as before.
- Papet!
- Yes?

He meant us.
He looked at me three times.

What could he know?
He's only been here for a year.

Maybe somebody told him in confession.