I want more things.
I rather think,
somebody forgot you here.

I - want - more - things.
It´s just not possible
to play this way.

You are just saying
the same things all the time.

No. You are certainly not mine.
Hello. I am Bibi-girl, the perfect doll.
And I don´t want you at all.
Please accept my apologies.
What a nice doll you have.
But it seems to me,
that you are not really glad about her.

Shall I show you how to play
with such a fabulous doll, my dear ?

I - want - more - things.
You see ?
She is even telling it herself.

You will need to offer her something,
you understand ?

If you want to have a nice playmate.
First of all,
she needs a lot of clothes.

Here we have, for example,
a delightful evening dress.
A beautiful necklace
and a funny morning robe.
A lined ski dress,
a tennis dress,

A bathing costume,
a silk night dress.

Well. That should be enough
for the beginning.

With that, you should be able
to play for a while.

But maybe you will soon
be bored by that as well.

And therefore I brought
some more toys for your doll.

An iron, a telephone, a puppet-TV,
a purse, a camera, and here:

This wonderful guitar.
Playing all by itself,
just press the button.

But now I have
a very special surprise left for you.

Because here we have
a proper companion for Bibi-girl.

His name is Bubi-boy.
And he has a lot of
clothes and toys as well.

And if all that is becoming boring too,
then we have a lot of friends of Bibi-girl.

There is Rosie-girl and Cosy-girl,
Susie-girl and Cutie -girl.