First of all,
she needs a lot of clothes.

Here we have, for example,
a delightful evening dress.
A beautiful necklace
and a funny morning robe.
A lined ski dress,
a tennis dress,

A bathing costume,
a silk night dress.

Well. That should be enough
for the beginning.

With that, you should be able
to play for a while.

But maybe you will soon
be bored by that as well.

And therefore I brought
some more toys for your doll.

An iron, a telephone, a puppet-TV,
a purse, a camera, and here:

This wonderful guitar.
Playing all by itself,
just press the button.

But now I have
a very special surprise left for you.

Because here we have
a proper companion for Bibi-girl.

His name is Bubi-boy.
And he has a lot of
clothes and toys as well.

And if all that is becoming boring too,
then we have a lot of friends of Bibi-girl.

There is Rosie-girl and Cosy-girl,
Susie-girl and Cutie -girl.

And Hippie-girl and Happy-girl,
Heartie-girl and Painie-girl,

Sugar-girl and Candy-girl,
Honey-Girl and Sunny-Girl,

Baby-girl and Lady-girl,
Huggie-girl and Squeezie-girl,

Sweetie-girl and Girly-girl,
Fondy-girl and Lovely-girl.

We have bracelets and ear rings
and doll revolvers.

Silk stockings and feather hats,
sunglasses and combs.

Little chequebooks, bath salts and body lotion.
(Background) I want more things.

Well. Do you see now, that you can play
fantastically with these fabulous dolls ?

Yes. I guess.
I am sure, that you won´t need
your old friends anymore at all.

Because all those, that are sitting around you,
want to become your new friends.

And certainly you want
to become their friend as well.

Isn´t that right ?
You want that, don´t you ?

My dear.
You want that, don´t you ?
Would you please explain to me, what it is,
that these perfect dolls are lacking ?

I think, one cannot love them.