Raw Deal

The bureau always arranges
such intriguing meeting places.

- This has nothing to do with the bureau.
- [Clicking]

[Man] Mr. Patrovita,
you deny any sources of illicit income...

any connection at all
with organized crime...

yet your reported income
for this past year was $73,000...

with which you somehow
managed to maintain...

a seven-bedroom mansion
here in Chicago...

a hunting lodge in Wisconsin...
a winter resort in California...
four Cadillacs that we know of...
and a lifestyle that makes
Ted Turner look like a derelict.

Now, can you explain
how you manage this?

I think it'd be of particular interest
to those of us...

- on fixed incomes.
- [Mark] Hold it. That's Baxter.

- I know, I know.
- What the hell has he got to do with it?

- He's special federal prosecutor.
- That son of a bitch cost me a career.

You brought in a suspect with
half the bones in his body broken.

- Any prosecutor would've gone after you.
- Oh, you remember the case.

The guy kidnapped
an 11 -year-old girl.

He molested, murdered
and mutilated her.

Well, the public wasrt too keen
on heavy-handed cops at that time.

Baxter was out
to nail me to the wall.

- I went to see him,
tried to tell him what happened...
- What did he say?

Resign or be prosecuted.
Any way you want it.

Yeah, well,
the good news is that...

he's giving Patrovita a lot more shit
than he ever gave you.

- [Clicking]
- I got a lotta debts.

- [Laughter]
- [Baxter] Uh-huh. To whom?

- Friends.
- Like Paulo Rocca and Bill Rusman?

I plead the Fifth Amendment.
- [Clicks Off]
- That's Lu Patrovita.

He runs the strongest
of the Chicago families.

[Tape Rewinding]
- [Clicking]
- [Baxter] Mr. Rocca,
your stated source of income...

is a travel agency, yet you,
like Mr. Patrovita...