Raw Deal

He molested, murdered
and mutilated her.

Well, the public wasrt too keen
on heavy-handed cops at that time.

Baxter was out
to nail me to the wall.

- I went to see him,
tried to tell him what happened...
- What did he say?

Resign or be prosecuted.
Any way you want it.

Yeah, well,
the good news is that...

he's giving Patrovita a lot more shit
than he ever gave you.

- [Clicking]
- I got a lotta debts.

- [Laughter]
- [Baxter] Uh-huh. To whom?

- Friends.
- Like Paulo Rocca and Bill Rusman?

I plead the Fifth Amendment.
- [Clicks Off]
- That's Lu Patrovita.

He runs the strongest
of the Chicago families.

[Tape Rewinding]
- [Clicking]
- [Baxter] Mr. Rocca,
your stated source of income...

is a travel agency, yet you,
like Mr. Patrovita...

seem to, uh, have a lifestyle
that far exceeds your income.

Would you mind shedding some light
for us on what seems to be...

some extraordinary
money management here?

I'll take the Fifth on this,
on whatever you're gonna ask me next...

and everything after that.
Honest men don't have to tolerate
this kind of harassment in this country.

Thank you, Mr. Rocca,
for reminding us of our inalienable rights.

Rocca is the undertaker.

Anybody bothers Patrovita,
this one buries 'em in the gravel pit.

So we did Who's Who In Chicago. You're the one
in the bureau. What do you want from me?

Do, uh...
Do you remember my son?

Blair. Yeah. We went to
some ball games with him.

- Yeah, that's right.
- He joined the bureau, didn't he?

How is he?