Something Wild

amplifying what is meant
by "substantial reduction".

Charlie, what do you do for fun
besides steal candy bars? Huh?

You were right. I'm a rebel.
I am! I just channelled my rebellion into
the mainstream. I'll give you an example.

In '81, I went long-term munis.
Everybody said
"Driggs, you're crazy, don't do it."

- Munis?
- Municipal bonds. Tax-free.

Hell, I was locking in close to 1 5%.
I may look straight,
but deep down, I got what it takes.

- Do you?
- Whoa!

- What's this?
- Getting a room.

Something wrong, Charlie?
Maybe it's not such a good idea,
getting a room.

- Don't you have someplace we could go?
- How about your place?

I can just see the neighbours
watching you get out of the car.

You have money?
I mean, for the room.
The rest is free.

Well, uh...
Let me check.
I only got these credit cards -
which are company plastic.

Our accountant would wonder what I was
doing in a motel on a Friday afternoon.

- Use the cash.
- No, I can't use that.

- Why?
- That's money for the Christmas Club.

(sighs) Are we not gonna get a room
because you're saving for Christmas
presents? In the middle of June?