The Delta Force

So you men stay with the equipment.
We are gonna go for it this time,
right, Colonel?

Damn right.
This is Delta One. I receive you.
Yes, sir. Just a minute, sir.
Colonel. General Woodbridge, sir.
General, we've got
damn near perfect conditions.

It's just the situation
we've been waiting for.

If we wait any longer,
we can end up with another fiasco.

I'm sorry, Nick. The President
doesn't want to risk any lives.

If he can release our people
by negotiations, that's what he wants.

So until the negotiations break down,
your people are on hold.
How long do we have to wait?
The General is waiting for
the go-ahead from the President.

I'm waiting for the go-ahead from him and
you're waiting for the go-ahead from me.

Meantime I'm going over to the terminal.
I wanna debrief any hostages that are
released - if and when any are released.

So you get out there, and get set.
- But wait for my signal.
- Got it.

OK, get rid of the box.
Move out.