Wise Guys

Uncle Mike?
- Hey, Harry. Where's Harry?
- Harry?

- What a beautiful sunset.
- Harry and I had the most wonderful trip.

Uncle Mike? Uncle Mike?
- It looked like Oz on the horizon.
- Isn't that poetic?

Grandma, can I speak to you
for a second out here?

- Is Uncle Mike here?
- Sure.

Oh, thank God. Where is he?
He's upstairs.
Do you think he'd mind if I
went up to see him before dinner?

- No, he'd like that.
- You sure?

- Sure. Go ahead.
- I'll take this.

All right.
I'm going up to see Uncle Mike.
Good old Uncle Mike.
Uncle Mike? Uncle Mikey,
the raviolis are getting cold.

Uncle Mike?
Uncle Mike?
So you came down all the way from
Newark just to see Uncle Mike?

That's so sweet.
- Would Uncle Mike mind if I went up there?
- No.

Maybe the two of them want to be alone.
It is a sensitive moment.

- They wouldn't mind. You go, you go.
- Great. Thanks. Excuse me.

Sure. It's upstairs.