Wise Guys

Uncle Mike?
So you came down all the way from
Newark just to see Uncle Mike?

That's so sweet.
- Would Uncle Mike mind if I went up there?
- No.

Maybe the two of them want to be alone.
It is a sensitive moment.

- They wouldn't mind. You go, you go.
- Great. Thanks. Excuse me.

Sure. It's upstairs.
- Trouble, Moe.
- What, Uncle Mike?

- You got it.
- Well, is he gonna help us?

I don't believe he's in a position to.
- Harry, you told me. You promised.
- That I did.

Can I see him for myself?
He's on the mantle in the bedroom.
- Moe! Moe!
- This, I can't believe.

I know it's hard, Moe. But I swear,
there's a valid explanation for my behavior.

- You lied to me! You just lied to me!
- I had to, Moe. I had to!

I was buying time until we got here.
I figured once we got here, there was
no way Uncle Mike could refuse me.

He found a way, Harry. He dropped dead!
- He never could stand you anyhow.
- You just butt out of this.