A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

No. l could see him
up there...his face.

He was wide awake...
all the way down.

Then it was suicide.
Phillip quit. He gave up.

Joey says it wasn't suicide.
Listen to me, Joey.
Phillip killed himself.

That's a cowardly thing.
That's an empty thing.

He let himself down.
He let all of us down.

lt was murder!
Can't you understand that?

That bastard murdered him !
l'm not listening to this.
How much longer will you go on
blaming your dreams...

for your own weaknesses?
How much longer will you keep
blowing smoke up our ass?

There will be
no repeat occurrences...

of last night's events.
Your doors will be locked
during sleeping hours.

We'll start a policy
of evening sedation.

Anybody tries drugs on me
will get his ass kicked!

You just bought yourself
a night in the quiet room !

-Sit down!
-Fuck you! You sit down!

Easy, Kincaid.
Nobody's putting me to sleep!
Get away! Let me alone!

Ain't nobody
putting me to sleep!

l don't want to go to sleep!
l ain't going to sleep!
Stay in your seats.
We'll begin sedation tonight,
starting with him.

You can't.
They'll be defenseless.

That's precisely
what they need--

some uninterrupted REM sleep
to release that negative energy.

l'm prescribing Hypnocil.
lt's a dream suppressant.
l know what it is.
l just can't believe it.

What has she talked you into?
Nothing. lt's my decision.
l want these dreams stopped
till we get some answers.

l can't allow that.
Then l'll go to Carver
if l have to.

He'll either back me up
or accept my resignation.

All right.
But if something goes wrong...

l'll make sure
that you're held responsible.

l mean that.
Fully responsible.

l can't believe
l just said that.

Can we get
the Hypnocil by tomorrow?

We're going to try.