A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

Ain't nobody
putting me to sleep!

l don't want to go to sleep!
l ain't going to sleep!
Stay in your seats.
We'll begin sedation tonight,
starting with him.

You can't.
They'll be defenseless.

That's precisely
what they need--

some uninterrupted REM sleep
to release that negative energy.

l'm prescribing Hypnocil.
lt's a dream suppressant.
l know what it is.
l just can't believe it.

What has she talked you into?
Nothing. lt's my decision.
l want these dreams stopped
till we get some answers.

l can't allow that.
Then l'll go to Carver
if l have to.

He'll either back me up
or accept my resignation.

All right.
But if something goes wrong...

l'll make sure
that you're held responsible.

l mean that.
Fully responsible.

l can't believe
l just said that.

Can we get
the Hypnocil by tomorrow?

We're going to try.
l hope you know
what you're getting us into.

Ain't gonna dream no more,
no more

Ain't gonna dream no more
All night long, l sing this song
Ain't gonna dream no more
Girl, what are you doing?
-Watching TV.
-l can see that.

Why don't you read a book?
You watch too much damn TV.

You're going to be a TV star.

Wait and see.
lf Simms catches you here
after lights out...

she's gonna chew my ass.
l gotta stay up, Max.
Just tonight, please?
l can't handle the nightmare.