Beverly Hills Cop II

This is a casing from a.308 rifle.
They cut it down to fit a.44.

They knew what they were doing.
- Oh, shit. Put this stuff away.
- Who's this?

- Lutz.
- All right. Show time!

What's going on? Who are you?
- Uh, chief, this is...
- Shut up, Rosewood.

Uh, my name is
Johnny Wish...Wishbone.

I'm a psychic from
the island of St Croix.

Yes, I'm a psychic and
I read in the St Croix Gazette

that the Beverly Hills Police
had some trouble solving crime.

So I came to Beverly Hills to help.
They tell me they don't want my help.
I'm a psychic!

I'm a psychic phenomenon.
Watch. I don't know you.

Your name is, um...Lutz! Right?
Chief Lutz, that's your name.
The name pop inside my head.

- And your name is, um...
- Biddle.

Two more seconds
and I'd say it myself.

I don't need no help. I'm Johnny
Wishbone, psychic extraordinaire.

If you need me, just think
Johnny Wishbone and I come.

Lutz and Biddle,
it's like Kibbles and Bits!

Excuse me. Sorry to bother you.
Your name is Johnson, right?

What the hell is going on?
Is this a magic show?

I'll have your badges unless
you go to traffic duty. Get out!

I got angina the minute I saw Foley.
Axel's got nine lives. I don't.

You boys ready? Let's go.
You both know Lutz
is a shit tinhorn politician.

His boy Biddle couldn't catch the
Alphabet killer if he nuked the city.

We got to do this.
All for one, one for all.

Lutz is about to fire our asses.
I'll lose my pension.

I got a wife and two kids to feed.
You got two kids, not a wife.
Shut up. She might come back.
Maureen's divorcing him again.
She's with her mother.

Two years ago, I almost lost my job.
The man put his neck
on the line for me.

I'm not going back to
Detroit without helping him.

And his boys don't even
have any loyalty for him!