Blind Date

Raise your right foot
eight inches for 1 0 seconds.

God, I feel horrible.
Dare I hope that you sobered up?
Oh, I drank. I drank so much.
Yes, you did.
And the dinner party.... Oh, God.
-Walter, I'm so sorry.

...l know I feel a lot better now.
I just have this chemical imbalance.
It's like an allergy to alcohol.
It makes me crazy, that's all.

Is that so?
Look, Walter, I know you hate me.
So just listen.

Take me to my friend Cathy's house.
I know the address.
I won't ever bother you again.

I'll kill you!
-I thought we'd lost him!
-What fun would that be?

-Hold the tray!

You son of a bitch! You wanna play?
Fine, I'll kill you!

Actually, if you'll just
drop me off at the nearest hotel--

-And end this glorious evening?
-I told you I was sorry.

It's barely midnight.
Don't you wanna boogie down?