Eddie Murphy Raw

Hey, little brother. Show me that
little dance you-all be doing.

Get down, Lester, you is talking!
You move like you're 2 1 .
That dance ain't new. lt ain't nothing
but the old shuffle-butt.

Well, show me that move.
Oh, Lester, sit your drunk ass down.
Can't you see the kids
are trying to put a show on there?

Lester, she ain't your mama.
- Yeah. Yeah.
- Junior!

Vanessa. Come on, Vanessa.
Come on, baby.
Sing a song for Grandma.

- That's my granddaughter.
- That's my niece.

Why do fools fall in love?
Why do birds sing so gay?
And lovers await the break of day
Why do they fall in love?
Why does the rain
Fall from up above?

Why do fools fall in love?
Why do they fall in love?
Mama, I got a joke.
Little Eddie got a joke to tell.
Go on, Eddie.

Eddie. Eddie.
I got a joke to tell.
Once there was a lion
and a monkey.

The monkey said,
"I can make the weather change."

And the lion said,
"No, you can't."

So the monkey started
climbing up the tree.

And then he started peeing
on the lion's head.

"Now it's raining!"
Then he started farting.