Eddie Murphy Raw

Thank you.
Sit down. Everybody, sit, sit.
Cool out.

Thank you, thank you, thank you,
thank you, thank you, thank you.

And hello, New York City!
Thank you for coming out.
Don't let the lights and cameras
throw y'all.

We filming a movie here tonight
and y'all gonna be in this shit.

Except only I'm getting paid
for the motherfucker.

Every now and then
I take a joke too far.

That's why I haven't been
on the road the last three years.

Did y'all see Delirious?
ln Delirious, I was making fun
out of a lot of entertainers too.

That's when I got scared.
I did some jokes about Mr. T.

And Mr. T was gonna fuck Ed up.
He was...

And I was scared,
because y'all seen Mr. T.

He don't look like, you know,
like he can't fight.

He looks like he can
whip some ass, right?

And I was petrified. I would walk
at parties and people say:

"Yo, man, Mr. T was just here
looking for you."

He was walking up
to people saying:

"I'm gonna whip Eddie Murphy's ass
when I see him."

Then I watched his show,
because I didn't know him,

to see what kind of guy he was,
and the character on the show
ain't too bright.