Eddie Murphy Raw

"Now, we sit in the living room
waiting for Ennis to return.

"At about 5:00 in the morning,
the child comes through the door.

"He has a different look on his face.
"A look like he heard something at your
show that he's never heard before.

"And I say to my child,
I say, 'Child...'

"I say, 'What did the man say
on the stage?'

"And he says, 'Pop, the man
comes out and says these things.'

"I say, 'Well, what did he say?'
'Pop, he comes out
and says some stuff.'

"I say, 'What did he do?'
'Pop, he walks out and he goes:
"Hello, suck this, and MF
and kiss my big black stuff.

"And suck it and stick it down
in your mouth and suck it, suck it."'

"You cannot say filth, flarn, filth,
flarn, filth in front of people."

And I say, "I never said
no 'filth, flarn, filth'."

"You know what I'm talking about.
"I can't use the type of language
that you use,

"but you know what I mean when
I say 'filth, flarn, flarn, flarn, filth'."

I say, "I never said 'filth, flarn, filth'.
"I don't know what you're talking about.
I'm offended you called. Fuck you."

That's when Bill got pissed and said:
"That's what I'm talking about.
You cannot say 'fuck'...

"...in front of people."
And I got mad.
Because he thought
that was my whole act.

Like I just walked out on-stage
and cursed and left.

I manage to stick in some
jokes between the curses.

You couldn't give no curse show.
Walk out, say, "Hey, Felt Forum,

"motherfucker, dick, pussy,
snot and shit. Good night.

"Good night. Suck my dick.

I was pissed off. I was so mad
I called Richard Pryor's house up.

I said, "Yo, Richard,
Bill Cosby just called me up

"and told me I was too dirty."
Richard said: