Eddie Murphy Raw

And over her head it said, "Johnny's
wife wants half Johnny's money."

I turned that shit back to Johnny.
Then I started thinking about it.

lf you... lf you have $5
and have to give somebody
$2.50, you'd be upset.

Johnny had to have
at least 300 million.

And have to give up $1 50 million?
And they wasn't even married
but ten years.

And $1 50 million? Get...
Give me a fucking break.
What...? What...?

And ladies... Now, here's a woman
right here saying, "Right on."

Baby, that's not fair.
Not no 1 50 million.

I see a lot of you ladies going:
"Get all the money you can, shit.
I'm glad she did get all that money.

"She earned it. She earned it.
That... You damn right.

"She was married to him,
she deserved that money."

Get the fuck out of my face
with that bullshit.

No. Stop it.
No, don't get me wrong.
lf you marry somebody
and neither one of you have anything

and you build 300 million together,
you deserve half.

But Johnny was 300 million in
when they met.

And I'm quite sure she knew.
Johnny says, "Hey, I'm Johnny."
She was like, "I know who you are,

And they got married, broke up,
shit didn't work out.

And then he had to give her
$1 50 million of his money.

I know a lot of housewives
sitting out there going:

"You can't put a price on what I do."
But, ladies, if you marry a man
with $300 million,

you ain't no regular housewife. You
ain't got to clean the house no more.

You get a maid.
You ain't cleaning shit!

You marry a man with $300 million,
you ain't cooking. You're eating out.

You marry... You know how a lot of
housewives gotta get jobs on the side

to help make ends meet?
He got 300 million, the ends
are meeting like a motherfucker.

What you gonna do, get a job at
a boutique on the weekends and shit?

And say, "Here, Johnny.
I made $ 70, put that with the rest.