Eddie Murphy Raw

"Now we have $300 million and 70.
"Because I want to do my share."

All you have to do, you marry
a man with $300 million,

is fuck your husband.
That's it! That's your job.
Fuck your husband! That's it.
That's... Just fuck your husband.

You fill out a W-2,
they say, "What you do?"

You say, "I fuck my husband."
That's it.

And I've had my share of pussy.
I have yet...
Even if the pussy was great

and sparks shot out
the woman's ass

and cannons blared
and the mountains crumbled

and the seas roared,
no pussy is worth $1 50 million!
No pussy.
I'd like to meet some pussy like that.
Put the shit on layaway.
That shit scared the shit out of me.
Half? I was petrified.

Man, you know what's real scary
is that American women in the '80s
have become very business-conscious.

Y'all the most resourceful
and the most business-smart
women on the planet. Now, in the '80s.

And it would be an asset to us,
as American men,

if you weren't so vindictive.
Because the two don't match.
Then, what's really fucked up,
is y'all the most loving people.

American women
are all off into this romance

and they genuinely
fall in love with you.

Now, love and money do not mix.
The shit don't mix.

Especially if you got
a business-smart woman...

You go up and say, "I never met
anybody like you before."

"I never met anyone like you."
"Why don't we be together."

"Will you marry me?"
"I thought you'd never ask."

"Before we get married, why don't
you sign this prenuptial agreement."

"What do you mean,
a prenuptial agreement?"

"That's a contract that stipulates
if we ever break up,

"you take what you had
and I take what I had."

"First of all, I don't give a fuck who
you are and what you have, OK?