Eddie Murphy Raw

but you won't do anything.
He say, "Let's go."

You say, "No, I'm not gonna do it."
And after that,

he don't like you no more.
But he still wants to fuck you.

So he waits.
He be like, "Okay, I'll wait.

And you wait.

You wait three months.
Then you finally get it
and she's like this, "I'm yours."

And you go, "Fuck you, bitch!"
"Fuck you and your pussy.
Get the fuck out of my face."

Be careful. Don't get trapped.
The most common trap
is to not give you any.

Let me hear the men clap
that are with women

that you've never slept with before.
Let me hear you clap, truthfully.

Look at the ladies going,
"Stop clapping."

Shame on you. You should've
fucked them. Clap. Clap louder.

Shame on you.
Y'all should've fucked them.

These men like you
and you just won't do it,

because you're trying to trap...
Guys, don't be hurt. She likes you.

This is what is going on inside
your house every night.

"Baby, come on, now, please."
She go, "No, stop it. Stop it. Stop."

"Baby, come on. Would you stop?"
"Oh, stop. Can we please stop?

"Are we gonna go too far?"
"I want it to go too far.
Come on now, baby."

"We could... Stop.
I just don't think the time is right."

"Well, my dick don't get
much harder than this.

"I been waiting three months.
What's the problem?"

"I don't wanna fuck.
I wanna make love.

"I've had too many relationships that
didn't work out. You're special to me.

"I know all the girls do everything
that you want.

"And I don't wanna go through...
Why are you doing this...?"

And men see those tears
and we be, "OK.

"We don't have to do nothing."
Then you go out and your friends be,
"Yo, man, you fuck her yet?"

"Why not?"
"She's special.

"She said she don't wanna fuck,
she wanna make love."

Which is bullshit. I mean, fucking
and making love, let's be real.

I mean, the physical act...
I like to fuck somebody I'm in love with.

But I ain't making love to nobody.
I get into bed...