Eddie Murphy Raw

she's walking on the beach,
crying, in the Bahamas.

Lovers on the beach making love.
She's all by herself, walking along,
feeling sad, thinking about you

and everybody's real romantic.
The motion of the ocean

is shimmying off...
The moon is shimmying off the ocean.

Your woman's standing,
looking at it and crying.

And all of a sudden,
a dude named Dexter walks up.

Dexter St. Jock.
He walk up swinging his dick.
Then he do that smooth
Bahamas shit on your woman.

"What a beautiful girl like you doing
by herself on the island of love?

"This is the island for lovers.
"You should be being held
right now, girl.

"What you crying about?"
"I'm having some problems
with my boyfriend,

"so I came down here
to think it over."

"Tell me what hotel
your man's staying.

"I tell him that you treat
a woman like you like a princess.

"lf you were my woman,
I make love to you constantly.

"What hotel this man staying in?"
"Well, he's back in New York."
"ls that right?
"Well, listen, girl. Won't you
come back around my place?

"We sit down and talk it over."
"All we gonna do is talk?"
He take your woman to his house
and roll one of them
big-ass Bahama joints.

Shit this big and shit. Put some
of that Bob Marley music on.

And y'all know Bob
be preaching this shit:

Don't let him fool you
Oh, no

Or even try to school you
Oh, yeah

Could this be love?
And be loved

Dick swinging.