Eddie Murphy Raw

I gotta tell you, be careful.
And women ain't like us.

lt's not their nature to fool around.
Like, we'll go out
and sneak out to the hotel

and have to wash your dick
in the sink and all that shit.

Women gonna do it classy.
They don't fuck around like us.

lt's like, "Hey, I don't do this often,
I'm gonna do it right."

Know when your woman's
gonna fool around?

You keep messing her over,
eventually she says shit like this:

"You know, I think I'm gonna go to the
Bahamas by myself for the weekend."

And you say,
"You want me to go with you?"

She goes, "No, just me
and my girlfriends are going.

"Just me and my friends."
And we so stupid,
we start thinking about all the pussy
we can get while she gone.

"You gonna go by yourself?"

And send your woman off
to the romantic Bahamas by herself?

By herself to the Bahamas?
She's walking on the beach,
she laid out all day and got a tan,

your woman is fine
and got her body looking right,

she's walking on the beach,
crying, in the Bahamas.

Lovers on the beach making love.
She's all by herself, walking along,
feeling sad, thinking about you

and everybody's real romantic.
The motion of the ocean

is shimmying off...
The moon is shimmying off the ocean.

Your woman's standing,
looking at it and crying.

And all of a sudden,
a dude named Dexter walks up.

Dexter St. Jock.
He walk up swinging his dick.
Then he do that smooth
Bahamas shit on your woman.

"What a beautiful girl like you doing
by herself on the island of love?

"This is the island for lovers.
"You should be being held
right now, girl.

"What you crying about?"
"I'm having some problems
with my boyfriend,

"so I came down here
to think it over."

"Tell me what hotel
your man's staying.

"I tell him that you treat
a woman like you like a princess.

"lf you were my woman,
I make love to you constantly.