Lucky fella
He looks great.
That AI Conti is a genius.
I am a genius.
If you're such a genius, how come
you can't keep track of your receipts?

Al, how am I supposed to do
your income tax with this mess here?

Numbers, taxes, receipts--
I make them look better
than they did in real life.

I'm an artistic genius.
Then how come you got butter
on your tie?

Give it here. God.
You know what? I give you this.
You make good coffee.

You're a slob,
but you make good coffee.

Red roses.
Very romantic.
The guy that sends these
really knows what he's doing.

The guy who sends those
spends a lot of money...

on something that ends up
in the garbage.

I'm glad everybody
ain't like you, Loretta.

- I'd be out of business.
- What are you talking? I love flowers.