Prince of Darkness

Only when we open the box
and observe the cat...

does he materialize into reality,
either dead or alive.

But it doesn't make sense. That
is the entire, complete point.

It doesn't make
any common sense.

Our common sense breaks down
on a subatomic level.

Why do I want a Ph. D in this?
Particle beam weapons,
research grants.

A millionaire when I'm 40.
Now I remember.

You're really gonna like this.
Class canceled?

"Will the following students
please see Professor Birack. "

Shit, there I am.
Me too.

All of us. And we heard Birack wants
us to cancel our plans for the weekend.

What? That's not all. A couple of
biochemistry's finest are coming with us.

And someone to translate Latin.
Coming with us where?

I'm gonna have to pull some strings here. This is just
not gonna happen. I have serious plans for the weekend.

4:00, Walter, Birack's office. Oh, I gotta
ditch Pagels again. He's not gonna like it.

Sleep with him.
Get an "A."

So what about your plans?
I was gonna study, actually.

Me too.
I'm Brian Marsh, by the way,

since we're spending
the weekend together.

I know.
Catherine Danforth.

I know.
So where did you
transfer from?

Theoretical physics.

I came here to study with Birack.
You're applied physics, right?

So why are you taking
Birack for theory?

I wanna know
what the math means.

Birack's ruthless.
He wants philosophers, not scientists.

Well, I've read his books.
He's a brilliant man.

Just when I think I've got it,
visualized it, it just all goes away.

I start seeing
old-fashioned classical reality again.

I want the clock put back.
I wanna put it all into a little box.

But whenever I try,
it just, uh, slithers out.

Some things aren't changed
by quantum physics though.

Such as?
Well, for instance,

every theoretical physicist
I know wonders why it is...

that no one who looks like you...
ever seems to settle down
in our end of the building.

That's not true, and that's
an extremely sexist thing to say.

Confirmed sexist,
and proud of it.