Prince of Darkness

I know.
So where did you
transfer from?

Theoretical physics.

I came here to study with Birack.
You're applied physics, right?

So why are you taking
Birack for theory?

I wanna know
what the math means.

Birack's ruthless.
He wants philosophers, not scientists.

Well, I've read his books.
He's a brilliant man.

Just when I think I've got it,
visualized it, it just all goes away.

I start seeing
old-fashioned classical reality again.

I want the clock put back.
I wanna put it all into a little box.

But whenever I try,
it just, uh, slithers out.

Some things aren't changed
by quantum physics though.

Such as?
Well, for instance,

every theoretical physicist
I know wonders why it is...

that no one who looks like you...
ever seems to settle down
in our end of the building.

That's not true, and that's
an extremely sexist thing to say.

Confirmed sexist,
and proud of it.

Hey. I was just joking.
What happened?
You talk numbers, you get romantic.
You talk people, you clam up.
Just a little miscue, that's all.
It's not your fault.
I'm sorry.
I'll see you later.

Hey, wait.
This conversation isn't what I
had in mind. Can we start over?


I was hoping that you would need
some help with your theory,

and that maybe we could discuss it...
over... over dinner or something.
Well, I suppose
something could be arranged.

There are other things
that I need help with... over dinner.