Radio Days

over the sentimental lyrics
and velvety voice.

The local boys, of course,
were all a little jealous...

and they used
to look on disgustedly...

thinking the girls
were real jerks.

And now, ladies and gentlemen...
the makers of General
Spark Plugs bring you...

"The Court of Human Emotions"...
with world famous counselor
on affairs of the human heart...

Thomas Abercrombie.
And now, my friends--
My mother and father
loved to hear the show...

where ordinary people
were helped...

with their personal problems.
Six years ago, his mother
came to live with us...

and she won't leave
and he won't throw her out.

Claire, how can I throw
my own mother out?

What do you mean?
You grab her by the throat...

and throw her out.
Oh, just like that.
Just like that.

Grab her by the throat
and throw her out.

Why don't you just get
a knife and stick it in here?

That's what
you should do.

I'm not gonna stick
any knife anywhere!

Throw my mother out!
I found the show silly...
and always imagined
my parents on it...

airing their standard

He's a business failure.
He never finishes
what he starts.

We're forced to live
with my relatives...

and thank God for them.
And I could have
married Sam Slotkin.

Sam Slotkin's dead.
Yes, but while he was alive,
he was working.

She'd be lost without
her whole family...

around her all the time,
and you should see 'em.

They're like some kind of tribe.
They're like the Huns.
Maybe if I had married...

a more encouraging woman,
who knows?

So who do you
think is right?

I think you both
deserve each other.

What does that mean?
Look, we didn't come here
to be insulted.

I love him, but what
did I do to deserve him?

my folks never were...

on the Mr. Abercrombie program.
In fact,
the only radio celebrity...

any of us ever
really met in person...

was the 14-year-old
mathematical genius...

of a quiz show my father loved
called "The Whiz Kids."

Hey, Tess, that's one of
the kids from the radio.

It's a Whiz Kid.
Hey, Joe, it's one
of the Whiz Kids from the radio.