Radio Days

The pickin's are poor
and the crop is lean

What's good is in the army
What's left will never harm me
They're either
too old or too young

So, darling,
you'll never get stung

Tomorrow, I'll go hiking
with that Eagle Scout unless

I get a call from Grandpa
For a snappy game of chess
I've looked the field over...
What are you doin'?
I'm out of nylons, but lots
of girls paint them on now.

Better hope it doesn't rain.
Oh, right!
Oh, Tess, I really think
this could be the one.

I hope so.
He's so good-looking,
and he's good-natured...

and he has his own business...
and his fiancee
died last year...

so he's obviously

How come he's not in the army?
-He has flat feet.

But that's his only drawback.
Oh, you really think...
you could love a man
with fallen arches, huh?

I know. You think
I'm too demanding.

I do. I think you have these
qualities that you demand...

and when you meet a nice man...
you disqualify him
for the smallest fault.

That's not true.
So, what was wrong
with Nat Bernstein?

He wore white socks
with a tuxedo.

That's not a good enough reason.
And then, when you fall
in love with somebody...

there is always
something wrong with him.

Yeah. Well, they all seem fine.
I don't know.
You've got this sixth
sense for picking losers.

Sometimes I wonder...
do you really want
to get married?

More than anything!
Don't you think
I want to have a child...

before it's too late?
God, how I envy you.
I just want it to be perfect.
Well, it's never perfect.
If you wait for perfect,
you don't get pregnant.

You wind up with your teeth
in a glass of water.

Easy for you to say.
I compromised when
I picked Martin.

I mean, I wanted someone
tall and handsome and rich.

Three out of three
I gave up.

Well, I think you did
right to compromise.