Someone to Watch Over Me

Great dogs. They were used
as army dogs in World War One.

Great with kids.
Very loyal, very protective...

- Get a Rottweiler.
- Don't get a Rottweiler...

Can you imagine picking up the...
Hey, Mike. Everything's okay.
Really, just relax, calm down.
Ellie reported a prowler. That's all.

One of them peepers that makes
the neighbourhood such a pleasure.

We all look like hell.
Thanks for the coffee.

I'm gonna come round in a car
from time to time. So, get some sleep.

And keep the shades pulled.
So... thanks for the coffee.

You guys have been terrific.
I'm sorry.
I know I heard something.

Detective's wife...
- You are staying with my mother.
- Don't be ridiculous.