Sous le soleil de Satan

I also want to apologize.
I was so unpleasant just now.
If you'd made me go,
I'd have been back.

Because I need you.
Not for what you think.
Let's not squabble over a baby
that'll never be born.

I need you because you're
the only man I don't lie to.

Think that's nothing?
You're wrong!

I lie all the time,
I can't help it.

Even as a kid I hated my lies.
With you I can be natural,
as I want to be.

Why aren't we like animals?
They live and die unthinkingly
Oxen calmly chew hay
before they're slaughtered.

I envy that.
If I'd put you out,
where'd you have gone?

To kill myself.
I pictured a place.
:27:10 Vauroux pond to drown myself.
You can see the chateau from there.
It's silly, I know..
What are you scared of?
Sometimes my wife
comes home without warning.

Do you believe in hell?
Mouchette, don't be silly!
Stop it! you can be so annoying!
You believe in hell?
Of course not.
I knew it.
You fear your wife, but not hell.
You're so stupid!

Enough! Shut up or leave!
Now you wish you'd put Mouchette out.