- If he's in Wyoming, why are you here?
- Well, we think he'll head for Mexico,
but he has friends here.

So we're setting up
a half a dozen stake-outs.

Now, uh, we'll handle
the important ones, but, uh,
since we're a little short on help...

uh, your men will take the others.
- Of course.
- Who we watching?

Oh, he has an old girlfriend here. He
hasn't seen her for a year and a half.

Her name is Maria McGuire.
Now, you'll be watching her house...

and the Second Precinct will take her
at the restaurant where she works.

Here are the keys
to the apartment we rented across
the street from where she lives.

Now, we're gonna have
to move on this one quick.

I-- I know it's short notice,
but this is real bad people we're after.

- Do we, uh, get a bug?
- Hopefully within 24 hours.

Uh, just one other thing.
If you spot Montgomery, report it.
Nothing more.

this is an FBI operation.

Wait a second.
Wait a second.

Excuse me, Captain.
There's something a little ripe here.
Let me-- Let me ask you a question.

What you're asking is that
you'd like us to sit on our butts...

on some low-priority shit detail...
on the off chance that we're gonna run
across some ''bad people.''

And then what are we supposed to do?
We're supposed to give you a jingle...

so that you can make the arrest
and get the keys to the city?

Excuse me, Captain. I'm sorry.
I don't like to sound negative,
but this is bullshit.

I'm a cop.
You understand me?

I'm not a security guard.
I see some ''bad people''...
I'm gonna be a little too busy
to, uh, make a phone call.

Hope the attitude
doesn't affect the performance.

- Would you like to see
how this attitude--
- Are you through, Mr Lecce?

We'll call.
- What an asshole.
- Defiinitely.

Hey! Hey! I don't want to hear
that kind of crap.

And I don't want to hear that
someone else heard it either, got it?

Now, this is a 24-hour surveillance.
Jack and Phil will take the day shift.

- Chris and Bill the nights.
Same routine as last time.
- Aw,Jesus.