Star Trek: The Next Generation - Encounter at Farpoint

Cellular structure unknown.
No proteins known to us.
It's narrow here. We can get over it.
- How is it moving?
- I do not know, sir.

It does not have a skeletal framework
or musculature.

Then what's causing it to move?
It appears to be following us, sir.
No sign of intelligence, no brain,
yet evidence of thought?

Insufficient information, sir.
Is it a life form, Data?
Again, insufficient information, sir.
It is possible.
Very good, Tin Man!
What is it, Number One?
What are you seeing?
Captain's log, supplemental.
On a mission to rescue survivors
from a shuttle crash,

the away team has encountered
a strange creature

which is able
to assume different forms,

including one which
resembles humanoid.

Easy. Let's find out
what we're dealing with.

Agreed, Captain.
Number One, I don't believe
the location of the crash

and the proximity of the creature
is a coincidence.

I am Cmdr William Riker
of the USS Enterprise.

I am Armus. Why are you here?
We mean no harm. We have injured
crewmen in the shuttlecraft.

We need to get to them. May we pass?