Star Trek: The Next Generation - Encounter at Farpoint

Cmdr Remmick is with
the lnspector General's Office.

He'll conduct a full
investigation of the Enterprise.

What are you looking for?
I have reason to believe there may
be something wrong on this ship.

Tell me what you suspect.
It's inappropriate
to discuss it now.

Mr Remmick,
Starfleet is counting on you.

You will find out
what is wrong on this ship.

Yes, sir. Nothing and no one
will stand in my way.

And you, Captain, are ordered
to cooperate in every way necessary.

- Is that clear?
- Yes, sir.

- Mr Remmick, any questions?
- No questions, sir.

- Get on with your duties.
- Yes, sir.

We've known one another for years.
Tell me what you believe is wrong.

Captain, it is vitally important
that my orders be followed exactly.

- I'll be staying on the ship.
- As you wish, Admiral.

- What is it?
- What?

The unit you just put down.
Don't worry, I won't tell anyone.

A flux coordinating sensor unit.
I'm Oliana Mirren,
another finalist.

- You must be Wesley Crusher.
- Yeah.

Do you know me?
I heard there was a very smart,
very young man

who'd be tough competition.
- You wouldn't be here...
- If I weren't smart. I know.