Give me shoulders. Give me attitude.
Head down, ladies.
You know about Celia's husband?
Sleeping with the tennis pro.
He's homosexual?
Not Victor, the oriental girl.
Helen Chin? She completely transformed my serve.
I hope they don't fire her.
throwing stones in the glassroom.
No, gossiping about Celia.
Come on, Nancy, it's harmless fun.
Probably not for Celia.
Oh, please!
Celia wasn't programmed to feel.
Why don't you chat about who
your husbands are fucking?

Look, here come girls.
You take care, Nancy.
It must be so hard for you being all alone.
God bless.
I thought Blanca was picking me up after school.
Yes, well, surprise!
Blanca had to take your sister to the airport.
The airport?
Where is she going?
Quinn is on her way to boarding school in Mexico.
She didn't say anything.
Yeah, well, not a sentimentalist your sister.
Can we talk about this in the car?
But in the car.
Go and change your clothes.
I'll meet you at the desk. Go on.
The karate class will be
starting in just a minute.

Mr. Saint Denis, so nice to see you.
Always a pleasure, Mrs. Botwin.
Shane is doing very well in karate.
I'm so glad to hear that.
Mom, the lady at the desk says you need to pay.
I already checked last week.
She said your check didn't clear.
There must be some explanation.
Yeah, you don't have any
money in your checking account.

I'll go to the desk and straighten
everything out. Go back to class.

I gotta pee.
Fine, hurry up.
Hold up the bell. Remember to hold
up the bell so it doesn't get wet.

Hey, Nancy.
Hi, Celia.
Nancy, hey! Check this out!
Shit, Nancy! I am so sorry.
What did you just chuck at my face?
It's called a roomerang and when you throw it,
it's supposed to come back to you...
when someone else's face doesn't get in the way.