Yeah, well, not a sentimentalist your sister.
Can we talk about this in the car?
But in the car.
Go and change your clothes.
I'll meet you at the desk. Go on.
The karate class will be
starting in just a minute.

Mr. Saint Denis, so nice to see you.
Always a pleasure, Mrs. Botwin.
Shane is doing very well in karate.
I'm so glad to hear that.
Mom, the lady at the desk says you need to pay.
I already checked last week.
She said your check didn't clear.
There must be some explanation.
Yeah, you don't have any
money in your checking account.

I'll go to the desk and straighten
everything out. Go back to class.

I gotta pee.
Fine, hurry up.
Hold up the bell. Remember to hold
up the bell so it doesn't get wet.

Hey, Nancy.
Hi, Celia.
Nancy, hey! Check this out!
Shit, Nancy! I am so sorry.
What did you just chuck at my face?
It's called a roomerang and when you throw it,
it's supposed to come back to you...
when someone else's face doesn't get in the way.
But I'm not saying you did that on purpose.
Can I have a tissue?
Oh, sure.
Doug, we need to talk.
Oh, no. No, no.
Don't tell me you're dry.
Not dry, Doug. I'm broke.
Thank God!
Maybe I should save some
money by firing my accountant.

Okay, let's not get carried away.
We should brainstorm on this.
Have some dialog, confab, pow wow.
I can't believe I trust you
with my money, you're an idiot.

I'm an idiot savant.
Say what you want about me personnally
but I'm a great fucking CPA.

You won't let me deposit
cash in my checking account.

I'm running all over town paying my bills in cash.
Because I can't have a papertrail of
cash deposits. You gotta trust me on this.

What am I supposed to do? Sell my house?
How about Lupita, your housekeeper?
She's like family.
Besides her daughter is still
in court reporting school.

I started selling so I
could maintain my lifestyle,

not dismantle it.
Well, you're gonna have to sell more.
Nancy, it's the oldest rule in business.
Buy low, sell high.