Nanc', I'd offer to write you a
check but that seems insensitive.

Not to mention unwise because
if you should get caught,

I can't have it coming back to me.
Is there a phone off the hook upstairs?
- Dead!
- What?

It's dead.
All the phones are dead.
Oh shit!
Don't worry.
I'll go online and pay it right now.
Why can't I get online?
'Cause DSL is connected to the phone.
I'll give you 50 bucks right now if
you don't give me any grief about this.

Hey, you haven't talked to
Quinn's mom lately, have you?

I saw her at karate.
You didn't say anything to her, right?
About what?
You know, about how you caught me and Quinn.
Why would you think that?
'Cause I haven't heard from
Quinn and she wasn't at school.

I don't know, I just...
I don't get it.
She didn't say goodbye?
What do you mean goodbye?
I heard Celia saying something about
Quinn going to Mexico.
I don't know. I overheard.
Quinn wouldn't go to Mexico without telling me.
I'm sorry, honey. I don't know the whole story.
You're sorry?
She's probably been trying to call me.
What the hell is the matter for this family
that we can't even have a goddamn working phone!

It's your fucking mess.
Hi, Mrs.
Hi, Lupita. How you doing?
I think I have the menopause.
I'm thinking I am gonna
have another baby and I cry.

And then I hear: No! It's the menopause.
And I say: Thank you, God.
So, you no pay me last week.
I didn't?
You no pay me.
Are you sure?
You pay me now?