You awake?
Did your hair go to boarding school in Mexico too?
I don't know what you're talking about.
Where is she?
Silas, come over here and
hold this sign so I can staple.

Are you so frightened by your daughter's
sexuality that you had to ship her off?

Pardon me?
Who told you we had sex?
Young men, this is the first time I'm
hearing that you and my daughter had sex

although now that I've been made aware,
I'm tempted to bring her home
just so I can ship her off again.

That little slut!
How dare you?
Tell me where she is!
So you can fly down to Mexico
and spring her from casa reforma?

I love her.
You stuck your penis in her.
That's not love, believe me.
If you didn't know about us,
then why is she in Mexico?

That's a private family matter.
I am her family.
God! Poor thing.
Do you really think
that my daughter had deep
romantic feelings for you?

Is that what you think?
Now, I'm sure that you were a
fun and sweety perversion for her,

but the truth is Quinn had a day and a half
to get all of her ducks in
a row before going to Mexico.

And she didn't call you.