there are people waiting
and I promise I'll come right back.
I don't know. You bet your
sweet ass you'll come right back.

You want weed on credit, you
gotta leave some collateral.

You believe this girl?
Like what?
You got some nice shoes.
What size you wearing?
How much you need?
An ounce, maybe two.
Hell, no.
Shoes ain't gonna cover that shit.
How about I hold on to that
nice rock you're wearing?

Alright, alright, I'm not unreasonable.
Sentimental value and all that.
Leave your car instead.
My car?
I'm leasing it.
Then you're really gonna wanna
get it back then, aren't you?

How am I gonna get home?
Take Conrad's bucket.
White lady in the hooptie.
You gotta let me get a picture.

Not my baby.
That's it!
Range Rover for Stony Clover!
Heylia, I've been working on that car for a year.
And it still looks like shit.
So, what's it gonna be?
Conrad, give her the keys to the hooptie.
It's a classic.
I promise I'll treat her like she was my very own.
It only takes Super.
You gotta check the water.
And oil.
Don't you think you should leave those shoes too?
Girl, you better get out
before Vaneeta strip you down.