Zhong hua zhan shi

Don't worry. I know where we can find
fuel. The Japanese supply station.

Then hurry. Go and get it.
We'll be home in no time.

Have a nice trip back.
What do you mean?
Aren't you going with us?

I'm staying here to get rid of Toga.
Once he's dead,
there'll be no more plant.

Don't worry, you go back first.
I'll see you in China.

How are you going to get rid of Toga?
He's got so many men.

If necessary, l'll die with him.
He goes to the supply station
every night. I must take this chance.

Why didn't you say?
We can kill two birds with one stone.

Get the fuel and kill Toga.
I want to make sure we can get away.
Since everybody's agreed,
it's a deal.

- You really would help me?
- We'll help each other.

We help you kill Toga,
you help us get the fuel.

It's settled.
Thank you.
You two are lovers.
You two are business partners,
but you will become lovers soon.

But i have nothing.
So tell me, will you desert me?

Don't worry. We're in this together.
And we won't leave anyone behind?
- Miss, what is it?
- Dad said to keep a tighter patrol.

I want to look inside.
Miss, no one is allowed
in without a permit.

- Where's the oil?
- The Lieutenant knows. l'll ask him.

Bring him here, let me ask him.
They threatened me...
- Where's the oil?
- In the barrels with the red line.

- I'll get Youda.
- Wait, where's Toga?

He didn't come.
No more talking! Move!
Hurry! Where is he?