It's your turn, honey.
-Good luck, honey.

Hi, Barbara. I'm glad I caught you.
Heard you were on vacation.

That's right. Complete vacation.
Today I'm $260,000!
-It's 6:45 in the morning.
-This offer is real.

From a man in New York City
who only saw a photograph.

Jane, don't send people photos
of our house.

He wants to bring the wife and family
here for some peace and quiet.

That's what we're looking for.
This house is too big for you.
It ought to be for a couple with kids.

I didn't mean anything.
But this house is too big.

-I'll see you in a few weeks. Okay?
-Think about it.

I was telling Barbara about this offer
on the house--

No, Jane.
Come with me to the store.
-What for?
-I need a new brush for the tung oil.

-And I want to get a part for the model.
-Just run in, okay?

Two weeks at home. The perfect vacation.
Jane says we should sell the house
to someone with a family.

I don't think it's any of Jane's business.
Besides, we could try again
on this vacation.

Really? What are you saying?