I was telling Barbara about this offer
on the house--

No, Jane.
Come with me to the store.
-What for?
-I need a new brush for the tung oil.

-And I want to get a part for the model.
-Just run in, okay?

Two weeks at home. The perfect vacation.
Jane says we should sell the house
to someone with a family.

I don't think it's any of Jane's business.
Besides, we could try again
on this vacation.

Really? What are you saying?
-How are you doing, Ernie?
-Hi, how are you?

Good morning, Adam.
-Need a haircut before your vacation?
-No, thanks, Bill.

-How's the model coming?

You know, Bozman built that foundation
in 1835. His grandson....

He's got hair down
to his goddamn shoulders.

He says to me, "Just trim it a little."
-I took the scissors to him so fast--
-See you later.