I'm not scared of sheets.
Are you gross under there?

Are you Night of the Living Dead
under there?

Like all bloody veins and pus?
-"Night of the," what?
-"Living Dead." It's a movie.

If I had seen a ghost at your age,
I would have been scared out of my wits.

You're not gross.
Why are you wearing sheets?

We're practicing.
-You can see us without the sheets?
-Of course I can see you.

How can you see us and nobody else can?
I read through that
Handbook for the Recently Deceased.

It says, "Live people ignore
the strange and unusual."

I myself am strange and unusual.
You look normal.
-You read our book?

-You could follow it?
-Yes. Why were you in Delia's bedroom?

-Trying to scare your mother.

You can't scare her.
She's sleeping with Prince Valium.

You did this?
You carved these houses and things?
And this used to be your house.
Why do you want to scare everybody?
We wanted to frighten you
so you would move out.

You don't know the Deetzes.
My father bought this place.
He never walks away from equity.

-Why don't you leave?
-We haven't left since the funeral.

God! You guys really are dead.
This is amazing.
-I better go.

-Don't tell your parents we're here.
-Unless it will frighten them away.

Tell them we are horrible...
...desperate, ghoulish creatures
who will stop at nothing...

:41:44 get our house back.
What if this is a dream? Can you do
any tricks to prove I'm not dreaming?

If you are real ghosts, you better get
another routine because those sheets...