And this used to be your house.
Why do you want to scare everybody?
We wanted to frighten you
so you would move out.

You don't know the Deetzes.
My father bought this place.
He never walks away from equity.

-Why don't you leave?
-We haven't left since the funeral.

God! You guys really are dead.
This is amazing.
-I better go.

-Don't tell your parents we're here.
-Unless it will frighten them away.

Tell them we are horrible...
...desperate, ghoulish creatures
who will stop at nothing...

:41:44 get our house back.
What if this is a dream? Can you do
any tricks to prove I'm not dreaming?

If you are real ghosts, you better get
another routine because those sheets...

...they don't work.
You're telling me we have ghosts
in this house.

Those pictures are of ghosts.
Lydia, I am giving a dinner party
tonight for seven people.

My agent, Bernard, is bringing a woman
who writes for Art in America.

In fact, no one dining here
has not been in Vanity Fair except you.

I told them you were too mean to be afraid.
Don't you dare speak to others about me!
Being embarrassed in front of the few
people who will set foot in here scares me.

So let's play family just for tonight.
Lydia's trying, but they don't believe her.
She's got photos.
Adam, you have a photo of Bigfoot.
My photo of Bigfoot is a different story.
We've got to get some help. We've got
to contact Betelmeyer or something.