Drinks for everybody," he says.
Tell him what I did, Eddie.

He whacked me with a club.
Almost knocked the eye out of my head!

That's your way of making money?
You outwork, outthink,
outscheme and outmanoeuvre.

You make no friends
and trust nobody.

And you make damn sure
you're the smartest guy in the room...

whenever the subject
of money comes up.

I don't know, Uncle Pat.
Doesn't sound like too much fun to me.

Fun? You want fun,
you go play at the beach.

Think I'll try the city first.
Well, here.
This'll get you there in style.

Ooh! Ten dollars. Uncle Pat!
Why don't you buy Eddie
a binge on me, huh?

Eddie, you gotta be
quicker than that, man.

I've always wanted
to work on Wall Street.

I read the journal.
I know what's going on today...

and I'm willing to do
whatever it takes to succeed.

I appreciate that, Flanagan, but all
our professionals have college degrees.

I catch on pretty quick.
- You're wasting your time. -
Just forget the Street. - No.

- We're not interested.
- A guy like you: advertising.

I have a feel for advertising.
I mean, I can look at an ad
and tell you what's wrong with it.

Mr. Flanagan,
we need solid credentials.

- A marketing degree is a prerequisite.
- Try the networks.

In the army, I spent a lot of time in
communications. I think I can help you.

Well, we need somebody
who can hit the ground running.

Maybe in six or
eight months, but...

You should pursue
other avenues.

- Maybe you should reenlist.
- I believe in positive thinking.

Never quit. Never say die. "
I want to be part of the team.

- So, what do you think?
- Your resume is completely inadequate.

- I'm willing to start at the bottom.
- You're aiming too high.

- I'll do anything.
- You don't have enough experience.