Well, in the meantime, I'll ask McDougal
to give you a job while you're waiting.

No way!
- It was good enough for your old man.
- So was arthritis.

He supported a family,
just like you're gonna have to do.

No, not me. I am not
falling into that trap.

Every man wakes up one fine
morning with a wife and kids.

Where'd they come from?
They weren't there last time I looked. "

That's 'cause most things
in life, good and bad...

just kind of happen to you.
Well, I'm gonna make
things happen for me.

Sure you will.
That'll be a buck
for the beer.

Your nephew comes home
from serving his country...

and he doesn't even rate
a beer on the house?

- You don't get rich giving things away.
- Oh, how do you get rich?

I'm gonna give you
your first lesson on the house.

I've been here 25 years.
Never bought a drink.
Right, Eddie?

I can testify to that!
In 1969, the Mets
won the World Series.

Eddie here starts pounding on the bar,
demanding a round on the house.

Drinks for everybody," he says.
Tell him what I did, Eddie.

He whacked me with a club.
Almost knocked the eye out of my head!

That's your way of making money?
You outwork, outthink,
outscheme and outmanoeuvre.

You make no friends
and trust nobody.

And you make damn sure
you're the smartest guy in the room...

whenever the subject
of money comes up.

I don't know, Uncle Pat.
Doesn't sound like too much fun to me.

Fun? You want fun,
you go play at the beach.

Think I'll try the city first.
Well, here.
This'll get you there in style.

Ooh! Ten dollars. Uncle Pat!
Why don't you buy Eddie
a binge on me, huh?

Eddie, you gotta be
quicker than that, man.